The Red And The Black EP

by Ryan Gregory Floyd



released September 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Ryan Gregory Floyd New Orleans, Louisiana

A Writer Of Songs and Stories, based out of New Orleans. 2017 US Tour underway, dates below!

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Track Name: Wine Dark Sea
Sailing down the wine dark sea
Searching for memories
Of a time you were so divine.
What went wrong with our song
Blame it on a love so strong
Couldn't see right in front of me.

There's a cold hard edge to remembrance
The bitter self you see
Falling down in September's leaves
But you don't want
You don't want to believe.

Turn around if you're down
Head back to that little town
Take your place among the static race

There's a cold hard edge to remembrance
A bitter soul you see
Take these smiles and you run away
But you don't want to forget how to believe
To believe
To believe

There's a cold hard edge to remembrance
The bitter tree you fall
Take me back to September's leaves
But you don't know
Don't how to believe
But you don't know
Don't know how to believe.
Track Name: New Orleans Tale
here where the mississippi
snakes past the crescent city
a story i will tell you
of love and fallen glory

she was a southern beauty
well-born and scorning duty
he was a rich landowner
well-learned and growing older

they were married on
august first, a month of thirst
she spilled wine on her
satin gown from london town

his name was almonaster
the city's fencing master
one day in early spring
she flung aside her ring

"i will love you although
my fate will make us wait.
he grows older and someday
he'll pass away."

when the landowner learned
of her betrayal
he took action but
knowing he would fail

beneath the dueling oaks
a crowd of somber folk
watched almonaster win
the rich man had met his end

almonaster was tried
and found guilty
from the gallows he swung until
he was still

in her sorrow she leapt into
the river
now their bodies lie
in marble, side by side
Track Name: Kelsey's Song (feat. SE)
Track Name: Analog Girl
She wasn't much to you at first
Just a girl to slake your thirst
With a smile that could let you forget
She had pictures on her walls
Of mountains and waterfalls
And a record player by her bed
One night you met a girl
Don't remember, it's a blur
And your analog girl found out
So you met her at the bayou
And her tears showed that she loved you
Now she had you without a doubt

And so the months became the years
Y'all's cottage was so dear
Somewhere between piety and desire
But hearts do often wander
When hers did yours grew stronger
Growing to a wildfire
You dreamed of her your wife
The partner of your life
A mother if she would seek
But she asked you for a break
"Not now, if you can wait"
She'd a new boy within the week.

She was your analog girl
With her records and her curls
But slowly she was much more
Oh that Analog Girl
Put your head in a swirl
And now your heart is sore